The ABC's of That Office Guy: A Humorous Look at the Many Faces of Corporate America

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Upon the conclusion of a very pivotal business meeting, the age old question was asked-- What did you think of that guy? That Guy: The ABC's of EnterPrize Personalities is an in-your-face communications guide to dealing with "that guy" at work. Featuring eye-popping imagery and a blunt personality, it's sure to engage and evoke emotion out of even the shortest attention spans. With a familiar ABC's format and frame-by-frame methodology, the use of 26 distinct adjectives are drawn on to attach the word to that guy, forcing us to stop, reflect, and address how to properly handle the unique characters of this world and to prevent them from ruining our day... or our business! In order to achieve a blueprint for success, That Guy is formatted by providing: Clear Definitions First Impressions Lasting Impressions Elements of Memory Recall and Recognition Supportive Character Illustrations Bulleted Identifiable Characteristics Game Plan of Helpful Tips Bite Size Content Blunt Personality

  • Color illustrations throughout the text