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Memoirs of the Life and Works of Jean Antoine Houdon

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"We feel assured that the reader will agree with us that Houdon's life was too rich to be left unwritten.." ~ Charles Henry Hart and Edward Biddle This enlightening memoir of Jean Antoine Houdon (1741-1828), traces his life as an artist and as a man. It follows Houdon from his early student days in Rome, his eventual return to Paris and his rapid rise to fame, to his revival of the art of casting in bronze, and his last days. Houdon was recognized for his creative genius, and renowned as the sculptor of both Voltaire and George Washington. His subjects also included Franklin, Jefferson and John Paul Jones as well as Napoleon and Josephine. This book includes author's footnotes, appendices, a catalog of Houdon's work, and an index. It is lavishly illustrated throughout with black & white photographs and line drawings of Houdon various artist works. Originally published in 1911.

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