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Finding Light in the Darkness

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?Finding Light in the Darkness? is a collection of short stories from the author?s prison experiences working both in the inside and the outside. The values of faith, trust, and a belief in humanity filter through the bars of confinement and leave us with a glimmer of hope. All the stories are authentic and present to the reader, who may not be familiar with the prison system, a picture of the human pain of incarceration. This is not an excuse for the crimes that may or may not have been committed but rather to bring some understanding to this world behind the wall. The decision to place the beautiful pictures of nature taken by Andrea LeBlanc in the middle of the book is an attempt to create as an oasis of hope and a resting place for all who open their hearts and minds to the messages of the book. This book is dedicated to all my brothers and sisters who still remain on the inside and are actively working to change their lives, and for all who have returned to the community with the support and help of many dedicated people.

  • Illustrations in black & white and color throughout the text
  • Durable Full Color Glossy Cover