Our Mission

To Authors...

Publishing can be daunting, often difficult, confusing, and costly.  And, with so many choices available, you are open to being taken advantage of. We've seen first hand what bad decisions look like for an aspiring author, which is why our #1 goal is to teach our authors the ins and outs of publishing and distributing your books. 

We want to make sure that you are fit to the publishing option that fits you, and not forced into an option that doesn't work for you, or your book. Our staff will work diligently to understand your needs, see if our process can work for you and either begin working on it, or send you to a reputable company who can better assist you. We don't believe that we are the perfect fit for everybody, but when we have decided to work together we will work tirelessly to ensure you are getting our best!

As a Publisher...

Silver Street Media has worked compiling a massive amount of content from the public domain. It's one of our missions to bring this valuable content to readers in the modern era, and share the wealth of knowledge that might otherwise be lost. We are a different style of reprint publisher, whose goal is to understand and bring forward important works, in subjects where the material will matter.  We have decided to initially focus on the valuable subjects below:

  • Agriculture & Farming Practice

  • Works from History, nearer their occurrences

  • Art and Photography

  • Historic Recording and Local History